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duminică, 1 martie 2015

Contactul cu fiintele elementale

Sugerez prietenilor sa adere si ei la aceasta initiativa de infrumusetare  a planului nostru terestru prin crearea in apropierea caminelor lor a unor spatii dedicate contactului cu natura insasi si a fiintelor elementale.

Va puteti inscrie in aceasta initiativa de pe net sau pur si simplu sa aderati la ideea de a recunoaste ca natura este insufletita si sa ii acordati 
deplina libertate pe 1 metru patrat din proprietatea dvs.
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The “I Believe in Nature Spirits” Initiative

580  Spiritwater Gardens

Spiritwater Gardens 

sphere imageWhy Should You “Believe?”

     This project was inspired through years of Elizabeth’s co-creative work at
Spiritwater Gardens with the non-physical nature beings of love and light frequencies.
These incredibly remarkable spirits (read more about them in Flowerspeak) bring
 playfulness, delight, joy, deliciousness of the moment and that “feel like dancing”
 quality into everyday life. They also contribute to the health of our bodies,
minds and spirits and to our ever expanding states of consciousness as well as
 to the health of every green plant and tree on our beautiful planet.
This energetic dimension brings balance to all aspects of nature including
weather, water bodies and soil. As a collective perceptive humanity,
interested in creating Nova Earth, we just can no longer afford to ignore
 this essential part of the natural kingdom.
     Unfortunately, except in a few areas of our precious Gaia, the nature spirit
dimension is what we can call “collapsed.” This is mainly because of
 environmental deterioration. If humanity had not so completely disrupted
their ecological balance, the natural etheric web would still be intact.
Also because of a lack of awareness or a collective perception of
skepticism, the non-physical aspects of the natural realms are not
 functioning at their fullest potential or in many cases, are not functioning
 at all. Our perception creates our reality, and this non-physical dimension,
could at this point in time, sure use some support from us!

sphere imageWhat Can You Do?

     There are two ways that we can begin to bring this dimension back
into its most complete expression and potentiality.
The nature spirit realm needs you to:

Believe in them.Re-imagine their essential role and include that as part of your
 integral understanding of living and being on a healthy Nova Earth.
 At even the most practical level, we would see greater crop yields and the 
complete elimination of fertilizers and other agricultural additives. 
Soils would be much healthier and weather patterns would support rather
 than detract from the proces.
Create sacred, designated space in your environment 
for them to anchor their webs. Just as a spider needs to 
anchor its web, the nature realms need to be provided with spaces to
re-anchor their webs. They want to know that you are guaranteeing that
 these spaces will be maintained in a non-invasive way.

     What is being asked of each of us by the nature spirit realm
 is to step forward with an invocation and guarantee a sacred space
 on your property for them to anchor their web.
 This space can be as small as 12 feet in diameter and you
 must promise to these nature beings that you will maintain
the space without interfering by mowing or cutting.
You can respectfully enter the space and pick up leaves or
 fallen branches and make welcoming offerings, but overall and
for as long as they need this anchor, you must consider this
space sacred ground for the nature spirit realm to begin the
work of re-anchoring their entire web.
     There is absolutely no cost or obligation (except to the
nature spirits!) to join with us in this unique initiative.
Because you all will want to see how we are doing as a global
 community, we thought that it would be lots of fun and
 interesting to watch as the project grows in momentum and scope
 When you join, you will receive directions as to how to create
your sacred space on your property, and an invocation to attract
 the attention of the nature spirits and we will ask you to share
your address, state and country. We will put you “on the map”
and you will be able to locate yourself as well as be able
 to see the number of project members that have designated
sacred space as well as the geographic locations.
As we begin to see areas build up, we will reach out to our
membership to find others that will get “on board,” especially
 in other countries. We can’t wait for your participation with
a global community of believers that are assisting in the
 re-tethering of this ethereal web!!!
     To join us, please complete our brief entry information form.
Only your town, state and country will be used on the map,
there will be no names or addresses included."

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